Tuesday, July 17, 2007

HP Live Chat: Review

I'd have to give a thumbs up to HP today. I was browsing websites seeking for notebooks, from Lenovo, Dell, Acer, Fujitsu, BenQ, Sony, HP, Asus and Twinhead. While looking through HP, I'm a bit disappointed at the non-availability of a search features to shortlist notebooks with the specs that I need.

After looking through three different models (out of about 31 models), a pop-up appeared asking if I would like to have a live chat with a representative to help me out. I clicked yes. The downside is the message below while waiting...

We are experiencing a high volume of chats currently. All representatives are currently assisting other customers. We apologize for any inconvenience. You are number 1 in a queue of 1. Thank you for your patience.

...which came, like, several times. After about 10 minutes or so (I wasn't waiting of course, since the window will flash when someone replies), the chat continued. I'll list my chat session to show the capability of their live chat session to judge for yourself. They even waited for me for several minutes as I was in the loo. :D And I even checked whether I'm talking to a real live person or not. Hehe...

You are connected with HP's Pre-Sales Consulting Chat Service. My name is Lilly. How may I help you today?
Lilly: Hello and welcome. How may I assist you today?
Lilly: Are you with me?
Lilly: Still with me?
Lilly: I have not heard from you for a few minutes. Do you still need me to keep this chat conversation open for you?
you: Hi, I won't take too much of your time. It's difficult that the website don't have a search function to shortlist products. I'm looking for a notebook with Graphic Card at least Geforce 8600M GT or Quadro FX Go 1400 or Radeon X1700/X800XT.
you: Size is not of importanct
Lilly: Glad to help you today
you: importance*
Lilly: May I ask the country you are chatting from?
you: Malaysia
Lilly: Thanks for the information
Lilly: Please hold on for a moment while I check that up for you.
you: Ok. Thanks. Am I talking to a live person or an artificial intelligence?
Lilly: I'm a live person :)
you: Okay, thank you. I'll wait. Just that your replies seem scripted just now.
Lilly: Sure...
Lilly: Will be back with the information required.
Lilly: I'm back....
Lilly: Thanks much for waiting
you: No problem.
Lilly: You can look at the
Lilly: HP Compaq nw9440 Mobile Workstation
Lilly: HP Compaq 8710w Mobile Workstation
you: Can I know which is the cheapest amongst them?
you: Are you able to look that up?

Lilly: These are the models that come with NVIDIA Quadro FX 1600M card
Lilly: Let me check on that for you
you: Quadro FX 1600M has higher stats than those I've listed. Thanks for the list. I'll wait for your answer on the price.
Lilly: Thanks much for waiting online
Lilly: The HP Compaq 8710w Mobile Workstation- Models are a bit cheaper than the nw9440 work station models
you: Ok. That's about as much as I need to know. Thanks a lot, Lilly. You made my search simpler.
Lilly: You're most welcome
Lilly: It was a pleasure assisting you.
Lilly: Bye & take care.
you: Bye...
Lilly: :-)

It's good that websites have such a proactive assistance to help users browsing their sites.


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