Saturday, July 14, 2007

Victor's Diary: Day 5

Dear Diary,

Is it 9:30pm. I didn't go to school today. I have very high fever whole day and now still lying down writing this. Yesterday I thought my brother wanted to wake me up after I sleep to tell me a secret, but I was wrong. No actually I was right, but something is wrong.

Right before I went to bed, my brother came in and say he's tired and he's going to bed already. Diary, I share a room with my brother. His bed is at one side of the wall and I'm on the other side, so when I turn to my right, I can see him sleeping on his bed. We divide our room with invisible line in the middle of the room to put our things. The room door is at his side of the room, about one meter from feet side of the bed, but facing the wall to my left and not facing his feet when he sleeping.

Anyway, I think after midnight he woke me up. "Victor... pssst.... Victor" he said, so I woke up still groggy. Even the room lights he didn't turn on. So while I still lie down looking at him bend down to talk to me, he tell me not to tell anyone what he going to tell me. He said, if I can remember clearly is "Victor, just remember that when it's suppose to be red, it is actually green." When I ask why he talking nonsense, he repeat again the same thing. I think he must be crazy so I just say "Ok ok, that's all? I want to sleep already." Then he open the door and went out.

I shout at him saying "Hey, where you going?" when the door closed. So, I jumped out of bed to open the door to ask him where he going to late at night. But when I open the door, my brother said "What are you doing!? Sleep-walking ah?" and when I look at his voice direction, he was in his bed. So I ask him how come he go out and come back so fast and so quiet? And he said I'm crazy, or maybe have weird dream, because he's been sleeping all the time.

So I scream running to Papa's room, but no one was in. I remembered, maybe Papa not home yet so I went to living room see Mama just wake up hearing my scream. I ask her if she got see my brother come out of room, but she say no. But she did ask why she hear me open and close door and then few seconds later open again.

After that Mama told me I fainted and in the morning when I woke up I was at hospital, Papa just only got me medicine for high fever. I wake up wrong time also, because right after that doctor inject me saying that it's for my fever. Papa and Mama ask me why I fainted, but when I want to talk about it, I find I got no voice.

Until now my voice not yet return and everytime I want to write message to them saying what's wrong, I remember what happened and I just cannot write to Mama. What if Mama say it's just a dream and then I get more angry and sad she don't believe. Mama just about 10 minute ago say good night to me, Papa not home yet still and my brother sleeping over his friend house tonight because tomorrow is weekend.

I really hope it's nightmare and I don't get it again. I want to sleep at living room with Mama but I think I just sleep here with door open. I hope I can sleep, diary.

Victor - 13th July 2007

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