Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why Have I Forsaken Xanga?

I have wanted to move out of Xanga once, and now I really have done it. Why?! Why leave some of my xangian friends behind and move over to some other blog host?? For me, it's really simple.

1. Not User-Friendly Enough
While I have background in IT, at this current time of my life, I have already gotten that 'not bothered to learn something new unless interesting' character. I used to spend countless hours with a Warcraft printout of unit info and damages just to plan a strategy, but those days are over. Back to Xanga issue, I notice that Xanga does not have user-friendly features for me to click or change things on my website, while this one does, and very easily at that to change settings, format or whatever. No offense to Xanga, it's just a matter of user preference.

2. Need To Register To Comment
Lurkers or non-registered Xanga readers would need to register as a Xangian before they can leave any comments on my posts. Being very tired, as all of us are, in keying in information about ourselves again, and then having to think up new password pulak, and all that, I understand why some people (especially KB. :P) does not want to sign up to something new when they are not using it at all. Well, maybe Xanga does allow non-xangian to comment, but like I mentioned in point 1, I am lazy to look around for it.

3. Occasional Site Down
There are several issues where the site does down on certain occasions, and that's the only free time I have to want to post something. So, it somewhat does get on my nerves.

4. Photos need to be taken from another URL
Photos posted on Xanga need to be taken from another URL, unless you are a Xanga Premium subscriber. If you don't have your own photos somewhere else online, then you need to put it up somewhere to link it. This one allows you to upload your photos into its site, therefore saving tons of trouble having to find locating to store files.

That's about it I guess. I mean, though only 4 points, I think they're strong enough to make me pindah rumah. Anyway, I'm not saying Xanga is bad coz' one thing for sure, Adam Carruther (8tv Quickie dude) punya girlfriend is still in Xanga at www.xanga.com/kinkybluefairy. Since she's somewhat one of the popular bloggers in Malaysia, and she's still there, that says that Xanga is not bad at all. Like previously mentioned, it's just my preference. It's not business, it's personal.

I have transferred all my posts from my previous blog host to here, except that I did not bring along comments with me. The flooble (chat screen) will be brought over here in a couple of days. And changes to the layout will also change in a couple of days once I get used to the technicalities of layout management. I wonder if Eric from Casa Impian can help out with my layout designing.


kb said...

Yayyy... Finally! Now I can comment whenever I feel like it, instead of just commenting in my head and forgetting to sms u or ur wife about it. Continue writing interesting (albeit long;)) observations, and in between the lines, updates on the lil guy and how's family life treating you:)

Trisya Midori said...

hmmm, good thing i also have a username in blogspot... why never tell me u want a place to host images? imageshack is a good free image hosting site.. and no, xanga does not allow non-xangians to comment.. and yes, xanga does have this irritating ability to shut down, especially at nite.. not user-friendly?? really?? i find it just fine... say hi to baby for me..