Sunday, September 18, 2005

Plain Musings #1

I'm putting #1 up there coz' I believe some time later in my blog life I will have more muses. Okay, I have absolutely no idea how to use that word muse. I think it comes from amuse, or whatever. And since I've seen it many times elsewhere (without taking the effort to find out what it really means and how to use it), I will simply use it as if I know what it means. So, well, here's my first musing.

In my previous post, while talking about Nursery Rhymes, I remembered other rhymes that to my opinion, is either downright cruel (I think I've wrote about this before) or is a terrorist intelligence hidden in a song. The cruel one, which I think I'm repeating myself, is the Three Blind Mice. A line of the lyric reads "She chops their tails off with the carving knife".... wah... hallo, children nursery rhyme talking about mutilation?! Also, while this may sound sensitive, I really find it peculiar for Intelligence saying that they've received reports of terrorist attacks, but to just let them happen. London was just attacked,... and luckily they did not blow up the london bridge. Or else some CIA or FBI or Scotland Yard Intelligence will say "Oh, we've known about it all along. It's been in the London Bridge nursery rhyme." London bridge is falling down, my fair lady. Duh... why make a nursery rhyme about that?! Others are okay like Yankee Doodle, or Pop Goes The Weasel which sounds good.

Lack of Vitamin D daily really brings up your temper. This year I think I have had several days (less than 5) in which I did not get hit by the sun rays as I stayed home from the moment I wake up until I sleep. Being stuck within four walls (or more) really really make me start to be restless. I don't know whether it's the lack of Vitamin D, or the lack of outdoor air, or just because I don't get to exercise my muscles much at all at home, but well, I'm quite sure this happens to a lot of people as well.

For my own personal actions, I find that from a series of actions that we repeat a day (not the unconscious ones like breathing lah!), such as farting, going to toilet, looking at the mirror, looking at the handphone, etc..... my top most repetitive action during the weekend at home is looking at the clock. Nearly every 15-30 minutes!! Why is that? Is it the dread that "Aww... have to go back to work tomorrow", or simply "I need to do something, what's there to look at to update my knowledge? I know! Let's update the current time in my head!". Aishh.... following looking at clock would be,... farting?! Let's see.. I've only done that 8 times today... hahah!! Cacat... no one calculates how many times they fart. It's ridiculous. I guess the other would be getting a drink from the kitchen.

Foodstalls I love are those where I can take my own food, EAT first, and then go to the counter and tell them what I took. Therefore, I can really pile up the meat, such as 3 scoops of sweet&sour fish meats and then at the counter, just need to say "sweet & sour fish". Foodstalls I totally hate are those that they take the food for you, and then when you say "tambah sikit", they add just another two pieces of sliced ladies finger, or three more ikan bilis. Wah-liao, just charge extra lah, give me another scoop. Gosh... let's see, in the past one month, this is the food price to what I usually take. That'll be white rice, fried beef slices, omelette, veggies. Nasi Kandar restaurant - RM6.50. Malay restaurant near my workplace - RM5.50. Maju Junction Mall - RM4.50. Food courts - RM4.00. In my opinion, the Maju Junction one has the best taste. Yeah, Maju Boleh.

Best advert currently is DIGI with Apek. First the scene was P.Ramlee type show where he said something to the likes of "Ya, dapat banyak untuk, boleh top-up prepaid!", then the Apek Idol "Saya rasa, package anda yang terbaik!", then the Apek Football can't really remember the lines, and lastly the AlleyApek "Maa... Sih!". The WORST advert has to be that motorcycle advert with the Malaysian group singing the background. I think the title of the song is Bomb or whatever.... it ends with this dude seeing the motorcycle moving past him and his girl, he stood up, looking all excited, and removed his glasses in as-if-gaya-lah way. Wah... really really bad advert man! Best motorcycle advert is where the indian guy was happy that girls were looking at his bike, and when one mat salleh was looking at it from behind, he drove away.

A cousin of mine used to recite "Aku Megah. Aku Gagah. Aku Makan Gajah." I think he would have forgotten this by now. That was in 1989. Another cousin sang Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice up to the chorus to my dad, just because my dad didn't say answer the hello's my dad gave. After he finished his chorus, he said "Hello?!" for the final time, and only then my father answered "Hello, Mr Jav please". 1989 too.

Lastly, there are some idiots, I mean people, who are blogging about their net worth. Hello?! What are you trying to prove? That you're rich?! I've seen a few of this 'net worth' posting of bloggers. Sadly, none of them even come close to the net worth at where I stand. Honestly, I do not know my real net worth, but simple calculations indicate that I have a net worth of more than four million ringgit. Read that right! RM4 Million Ringgit!How is that possible?!? If someone gives me RM1 million for my right arm, I will not part with it. Therefore, I know my right arm is worth more than RM1 million. Same goes for my left arm, my left leg and my right leg. That makes RM4 million. Just that alone has already gone over these bloggers' net worth I've read about. Sigh.... people with low net worth.

That's about it to my musings #1.

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