Thursday, September 08, 2005

Difficulties Of Not Having RM1 Coins

With the government taking back the RM1 coins and using RM1 notes again (back in the 80's), quite a lot of people are going to face difficulty. It will then be a provider vs consumer battle. That is, if service providers do not want to change their 'setting', then consumers will be the ones to suffer. If they do change, it'll be good for all. Here are a few parties who will feel the lack of RM1 coins, in my honest opinion.

Macro, Tesco, Carrefour, Giant and others
I sincerely believe these hypermarts will change their trolley locks (those that you need to put RM1 coins to release from other trolleys). This was not merely to actually lock the trolleys for security. I mean, stealing a trolley at RM1 is very cheap! The RM1 coins is merely a service cost for the workers to pull back the trolley from your car that's parked like 1 kilometres away. Anyway, back to topic, it now seems quite ridiculous to jam in a 50 cents coin into the trolley. Well, we'll see what happens next. For all you know, you'll need to change your RM1 notes for a token (normally used in video arcade centers), put it on the trolley, and later change it back to RM1 notes. I think this is the most cost saving way for these hypermart. But hey, why not... a Tesco token, or Carrefour token, for collection. Orr.... use TouchN'Go.... yea right!

Rapid KL and other related common transportation
I seriously doubt that machines in the busses will change towards something that you can insert a RM1 note into. Therefore it'll just go back down to accepting a coin as high as 50 cents only. Busses will make a longer stop due to double time of loading and more than double time of looking for TWO coins, therefore contributing to longer traffic, and so on and so on. This will be a domino effect to the traffic on the road. Too bad there.

Vending Machines
Not much problems here because before the RM1 coin was introduced, people are already conplaining of having to put in small coins to get a RM1.20 worth cup of Nescafe or Milo. It will just take longer to get your Nescafe, and the vending machine will actually earn less because most people are lazy to carry too many coins, like me! :) Carrying three RM1 coins was simple enough, than having to carry six 50 cents coin. Vending machines earnings will be affected. This will also affect some video arcade machines that hasn't changed to token-type coins.

Parking Meters in Low Yat Plaza
Hahahaha.... I personally singled out Low Yat Plaza because.... I have faced on five different occasions, a parking machine that does not accept ringgit notes! So, I usually have to go to my car, get some RM1 coins and use them instead. So let's see. First hour would be RM2.50 and additional hours are RM2 per hour. If you were to be in Low Yat for 4 hours, you need to pay RM8.50.... and on a machine that does not accept ringgit notes, you need to fork out eight RM1 coins and one 50 cents coin. I have done this on three occasions, the other two occasions I just go back up to their manned counter and have my ticket paid there. Anyway, these machines will be vandalised badly if they don't accept ringgit notes again, and instead ask for seventeen 50 cent coins. Hello?! No weirdo will carry up to seventeen 50 cents coins in their wallet.

Bank Negara
Let's see what Bank Negara will do with the RM1 coins that they will receive. It will add about a hundred or more tonne of 'metal' from the RM1 coins on their premises.

If they can easily fake a RM1 coin, they can easily fake other coins as well, but of course it does not justify the cost to fake a 50 cent coins. But what if they do?! Then in the future we'll have 10 cent notes and 5 cent notes too. :D

Question: It's already past 7th December, I still have RM1 coins, what can I do with them?
Good question.... here's a good answer. Several friends of mine have claimed that vending machines in some countries can accept Malaysian RM1 coins as their own 1 dollar coin. And some friends have actually gone to putting the RM1 coin, only to flush it out again. Some machines uses the First In, Last Out way of returning coins, therefore when you put in the RM1 coin, you'll flush out a 1 dollar coin. You can do that. Or.... you can just buy whatever the vending machine sell with your RM1 coins. I will not disclose the countries that accept our RM1 coin. It's up to you to fly around the globe and try it out.

Sidenote: If my grammar or spelling ends up being very atrocious in this post, it's not done on purpose. It just means that my england need repair one.

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