Friday, September 16, 2005

Baton Passing: Weirdest Behaviour

I've seen this 'baton passing' many times on other people's blog, but I never thought it will come to me. Nevermind that some batons are actually a series of specific questions to be answered, but no... this specific baton ask me to specify my five wierdest habits! That's such an open question! Thank you to HappyLagenda or Legendria for it.

Since my england is getting badder all the time, I've decided to look up the definition of 'habit', and it says: -
a. An unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition
b. An established disposition of the mind or character.

Alright then, it's either actions or even mental disposition. Meaning, thinking of KFC all the time can be considered a habit, no? Aish... england already badding, now have to use my brain pulak. Before I start, I will have to say that I DO NOT have a weird habit. It's totally natural to me, only weird to others. So I will write what I think would seem weird to others.

1. I like to remember, advice or apply life and motivation quotes from movies. While most good quotes should come from well-known people like Steven Covey, Theodore Roosevelt, Dr Mahathir or bin Laden, I totally still prefer to bring out quotes from movies or books, such as what I've written in previous posts before. "Freedoommmm.... - Braveheart" Haha.. no lar! Actually it's more to "Don't dwelve on the past, lest you forget to live. - Harry Potter 1" or "I love my life, I love my wife, and I wish you my kind of life. - Jerry Maguire's boss" and others lah, I malas to think of them now!

2. Walking while talking on the handphone. My Executive Chairman also does it, but not the other two directors of my company. My wife hates this habit of mine. Somehow or rather, walking aimlessly while talking on the handphone stimulates nerves and motors, thus pumping more blood to the brain for faster processing of data and making my england badder.

3. Eat, Drink, Eat, Drink, Eat. There are tons of articles and studies saying that one should eat their meal first, and then wash it down with their drink. I have this colleague who only orders food during lunches, and later drinks when she gets back to the office. I cannot! These people must have oily throats for all their food to go down easily. I need my drink to help the peristalsis.

4. Read in the toilet... eh wait, more than 50% of the world population does this. It's not a weird habit. CANCEL.... Again... Singing old nursery rhymes or old catchy songs in my head. Few months ago was "Loo loo, skip to my loo... skip to my loo my darling." Belardy weird song! Last month was "How much is that doggie in the window? woof woof." And last week it was "Kain Pelikat...", and this week it's "This is the song that doesn't end... yes, it goes on and on my friend.... some people started singing not knowing what it was.... and they'll continue singing it forever just because.... This is the song that doesn't end... yes, it goes on and on my friend... some people started singing not knowing what it was... and they'll continue singing it forever just because... [repeat]". This song is a classic I tell you!! The best song to irritate your parents during a long journey in the car.

5. Lastly, I don't follow instructions. Yes, this is a habit, because I don't follow instructions very often. Be it electrical good's manuals, rules and guidelines of doing something... and even this email. I will NOT send this baton to five persons because I have not seen anyone running the 4x400meters where the runner breaks the baton into five and passing it to five different people. Think about it. Runner one passes to five others. The other five becomes twenty-five. Then the last runners will be 125 people. Just to run in the 4x400, each country would need to send a contingent of 156 runners. Also, the final lap of the 4x400 finals of the olympics will have 500 people running. Cwazee....

So.... this baton will only be passed to one person. Why I chose this person is because she have been hardworking enough to answer all batons passed to her. Not sure if she's done this, coz' if she has, then well, pass it back, I'll find another victim. The person in mind is KookyCookie who will jump with glee and prance around knowing that she gets this baton. She will prance around like the Prancing Whores in her Screw-Dia Cookierarie.

But wait!!! Being the long-winded fella that I am, I'm continuing this post. Gasp! I now will state THREE habits that I do find weird in others.

1. Eating Dhal. No... not Sophie Dahl! I'm sure many of you would love to see someone eating Sophie Dahl, but what I'm talking about is the roti canai and dhal. I have one friend who, after finishing his roti canai, will drink all the leftover dhal from the bowl. On another end of the spectrum, I have one friend who dips only 1mm x 1mm of his cebisan roti canai into his dhal. I can bet that even after eating 50 roti canai, there'll be more than 75% of dhal left.

2. Touching or caressing their shoes. Not many do this at all, but they exist. And usually you can find them at cafe's during lunches, where most business talks happen. What am I trying to say?!? Imagine this (because it really happens!!), two dudes in long-sleeves with ties sitting at the cafe chairs chatting. One dude crosses his legs (guy version of crossing legs please), and one of his hand rests at the sock area of that leg. Slowly, his hands will go towards his shoes, starts to rub it as if it's dirty, and then touch at the bottom of his shoes, not realising what he's doing. Unconsciously, he's CLEANING his shoes! And then he'll bring that same hand to his mouth to pull away some meat between his teeth, or brush his hair. Eeeewww... but hey, it happens!

3. Strangers looking at the food you're eating! This is not a weird habit, but a superbly irritating one! Try eating at any foodcourts in shopping complexes or restaurants, and you'll meet some people who just love staring at the food you ordered. They will stare from the moment the food leaves the waiter's hand, up until you put your first bite into it. Hello! People eating lah. Look somewhere else can or not?! Watchoo lookin'at, foo?! Aku bagi kang! Terajang kang, telanjang!

p/s: Please pray that my england will get gooder.

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