Friday, September 23, 2005

My Cheese Is Moved

This would be belong in the category of Rant, except that I have yet to do any categorizing on my posts.

For those who have read the book Who Moved My Cheese, you would know what I'm talking about. For those who have not, would not know what I'm talking about, obviously. :P Okay, in layman terms, I am now given a different job scope (actually, same, but more) and a change of scenery. Beginning Monday, I am no longer reporting to HQ where all my directors are, but instead reporting to the site office. Sounds good no? Not really. A simple list below would share what I might enjoy and not enjoy having to shift office.

My Gains
1. In my previous office, every three staff will be sitting in front of managers, therefore the manager will be able to see exactly what the staff does on the computer. I find this very de-motivating as I cannot work with the Hawthorne effect. I work better given the privacy to make my calls, do my work, without thinking that someone's criticising what I'm doing.
2. Closer to home. From the previous 30 minutes journey to work, and 45 minutes journey from work, now it will be a 15 minutes to and from work.
3. Buying DVD is a walking distance.
4. Less travelling for viewings of office spaces, since my site office is the main office I am trying to beef up occupancy. Save on petrol going to and from HQ to site office.
5. Free parking. At HQ, parking needs to be paid about RM100 per month, here, it's free since we're the landlord's management team. I do hope they don't take away my parking allowance though.
In Summary - I gain in finance (if my allowances remain intact) and in empowerment.

My Losses
1. HQ was a lot closer to KFC, McDonalds, Giant, RHB Bank, BCB Bank and Post Office. That's a all-in place for food, banking and groceries. Now, nearby banks are those I'm not an account holder of. It'll be more difficult to do my banking. Food places, sigh... seriously it'll be mamak food all the time.
2. Freakin' 45 minutes on my clock per day!! This one I am not happy about at all. I have to come in 15 minutes earlier and leave 30 minutes later as compared to HQ.
3. Add one more job scope, which is to manage a service office. I just hope the tenants are not those crazy ones who pick at the smallest thing.
4. Colleagues for lunch. Lunches with four other male colleagues will end up with a lot of knowledge sharing about real estate business and current trends. But now it'll be lunch with one male colleague who is an accountant (which I am not experienced in at all) OR one male friend who's a lawyer, OR ta-pau food and eat in office!! I really don't see myself eating with the two female admin staff.
5. Previously it was alternate Saturday working time. Now it'll have to be two working Saturdays, followed by one non-working Saturday, and then repeat.

1. I had one marketing staff to help me in HQ. Now, I have TWO admin staff to help me in site office. I think I prefer marketing staff than admin staff eventhough there's two of them.We'll see how this goes.
2. Time-management. Running three bottom-line responsibilities is going to be a very scary thing. Money need to flow into the service office. Money need to flow into the building's office. And Money need to flow into my agency department (from deals on other office buildings). Putting a positive face for this one. The first will be the most challenging since it's the most expensive in terms of price per square feet.

In Conclusion
I have not made up my mind which job would satisfy me greater in the long run. If I deliver, then it's very transparent that it's my job because my ex-marketing staff has now been absorbed into another department. At least my bosses will know who to credit. If I fail to deliver, I have a lot to answer. But seriously, I do HATE the Saturday set-up. Will have a word to my boss on this issue. Hehe... the game begins.

Add-on: It's a good sign that today I am at 75% chance of closing a deal that will bring in at least RM15,000 into my company. More to come. Pray for me.


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