Thursday, August 11, 2005

Matrix Begins

Note: The previous post was not completed. I was doing it halfway when the browser jumped away and I thought I lost it. Even after refreshing it didn't come up, then the next day, there it is. Contents has nothing to do with title. Sigh... will re-update that one.

Currently the media is leading the public astray about the real situation on the haze that's affecting many parts of Malaysia. It is not Indonesia's fault. Well, to a certain extend, it is their forest fires that's contributing to this haze, but seriously, why would they do an Iraq on their own soil when they're not being conquered. (Doing an Iraq = burning own oil plants). There are more unseen powers at work here.

In reality, there are some species that does not rely on oxygen who have mapped out ways to taking over earth. South-East Asia is the easiest target for now due to the humid and dry season. So, it's easiest to stop sunlight and fotosintesis beginning from South-East Asia and moving on from there. People, we are in the verge of losing our humanity here. What firefighters faced are fires, but no one has ever seen who started the fire. And that, is the key question of all.

Who actually started the fire? Many crop circles have proven that they have landed there, but they did not start a fire, as crop fire dies fast, and in a cold weathered country, it will not cause so much haze. We don't have crop circles here in Malaysia, so we cannot confirm their landing, but they did land, somehow or rather. Fishes have started to die in ponds. They have learned well from War Of The Worlds and they're getting rid of nature first, before harvesting us humans as energy source.

As much as we try to deny it, my friends.... Matrix has begun.

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