Monday, August 08, 2005

Bullies Turned Heroes

First of all, I do not condone bullying or even extortion that happens quite rampant in schools. However, it happens in many schools as much as teachers or headmaster/mistress try to avoid it from happening. Anyway, this is not about me being bullied. I was lucky enough to be in good tidings with the junior member of the extortion bullies in my school. Good tidings because we share the same hobby that many others in the class does not.

Anyway, he was involved in extortion yes. Even in Form (Secondary) 1, he extorts money from other Form 1 kids, with the help of his other bully members from Form 2 all the way till Form 5. Now, one thing to note is that by Form 3, his seniors have all finished schooling and he started to lead the new bully and extortion team. Quite a havoc having these bullies in the school, with police cars coming once every two weeks to bring one of them to the police station, as well as having bombs explosion in the toilets (kalium dumped into the toilet bowl), firecrackers breaking window panes, teachers' cars scratched, well, you get the point. While these are happening, it's very interesting to note that all of these bullies are active in sports, especially basketball.

To cut the story short, by the time we entered Form 5, they're about 15 members strong. They have stopped extortion since Form 4. Only thing they do is to create problems in schools. You know, the common rebel and bullies. Pushing younger kids around, making them get them drinks, things like that. I have totally no idea what possessed these dudes to suddenly have a change in Form 5, but what they did I cannot forget until today, because... well,.. let's start another introduction.

From before I entered Secondary 1, this school's sportday have been won by one house and one house only. Up till Form 4, this house have always won, due to superior athletic skills and the likes. I wonder if the principal hand picked the house members rather than going random, since he's the teacher in charge of that house. None of the bullies ever took part in any of these sports, as it's "part of the school system", therefore it's not cool taking part in school system. So it comes to the start of Form 5, whereby a theft occured.

The house list of students was stolen. Students are again asked to tell teachers which house they belong to. Some students stayed loyal to their house, some lied to the teachers. Suffice to say that nearly all students were truthful to the teachers, except for the bullies. And what do we have?!

During the FIRST house meeting, all 15 bullies turned up in the same house (my house colour). No idea how they chose which house to be in. What's interesting is that during these house meetings, we are supposed to elect captains of each sports (ie basketball, soccer, field & tracks, bla bla bla) and guess what? Nearly each of these sports department were headed by one of the bullies. One bully will elect one of their own, another will second. And few more potentials were chosen. But these bullies won. Kids are afraid to not vote them, in fear of retaliation outside of class hours.

And that year, we had one of the most grueling training sessions ever. It was part scary but part hilarious seeing bullies adorning house coloured shirts, training the students in the respective sports like a drill sergeant. I mean, here we have school bullies, who are rebelious and mean, despised by teachers. Here also we have school bullies, who are in the school system, going all out in their coaching and training.

Suffice to say we won the sports day that year. No thanx to these bullies. It was a sight to see eight out of ten of the bullies being the ones who pulled in the tug-of-war. Talk about leaving one good impression before leaving the school. Then, after SPM, there was campfire of using school clothes in place of wood in the parking lot, but that's another story.

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