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Are You A Psychic? Part 1

Are You A Psychic? Part 1

The following is an interview between a reporter and Javalier in regards to psychic ability. The interview contents should not be taken seriously, nor should it be totally ignored.

Media: Are you a psychic?

Jav: I'm not. Far from it actually.

Media: But you do have some degree of psychic ability, I suppose?

Jav: Well, I do have some hint of ability within the psychic understanding, but I cannot at all claim to be having any psychic ability. There are too many areas of psychic, from telepathy, telekinesis, seance, and many more. I will not attempt to explain what they are, but it's enough to convince you that I'm not even at 1% of having anyone of the psychic ability.

Media: Okay then, explain to me your definition of psychic.

Jav: A psychic is someone who has control over their psychic ability, be it telepathy or seance. To just chance upon a telepathic message is not a psychic, but someone who have some degree of that telepathic skills within the psychic line. To just accidentally experience a psychic ability is just a common thing for many of us, but it could be that they're starting to develop a psychic ability, or not at all. Like I said, it's the ability to control a psychic ability that makes a person a psychic.

Media: Okay then, I won't call you a psychic, but you did say that you have a hint of psychic ability. Is this considered also a common accidental feeling? May I know what ability that is?

Jav: In all honesty, I would say that what I have it not an 'accidental experience' as I have been facing it for a long period in life. But I have no control over it, and also, it's to a very small, or I would even say miniscule degree. Therefore, I'm just a man with a hint of psychic ability. To your question on what my ability is, it's within the line of seance. But only a superbly small hint of skill at that.

Media: Are you saying you're able to see ghosts? Or talk to them? Something like that M. Knight Shyamalan show, Sixth Sense? That's really cool!!

Jav: No! That's why I say it's a small hint. I'm able to feel them most of the time, more so than seeing them, or even communicate with them. Easy enough to say that out of 100 times I feel a ghost or energy, I will see only once to thrice. Communicate, I have no idea. I do tell them verbally that I do not wish for them to be around me, but so far it did not work. They'll still be lingering around.

Media: Why do you say 'ghost or energy'?

Jav: Because I really don't know what I feel. A ghost,... no, I would rather call them spirits. A spirit is a soul that's still here on earth without its casing or body. An energy is not a spirit. It's a residue of a large amount of energy left behind upon the death of a person. Let's say a person is about to be murdered, his fear, panic, anger and other emotions blasts out from his body until he really get killed which releases a vast energy around that area he died at. Now, a psychic or a person who can feel energy would be able to sometimes see the event happening again, but the spirit is not really there. The easiest way to give a difference is that a spirit does not really repeat its actions, while an energy will repeat its actions.

Media: Care to give an example?

Jav: Let's put a scenario. At night, you look out your window and you see someone jumping off a building. You scream out of shock, you see the body falling but suddenly vanish into thin air. And then you notice that the person is back up that building, ready to jump off again. And then he jumps off, mid-flight he disappears, and this repeats. That's energy. He must have felt total anguish and depression that led to a crazy choice of ending his life.

Media: So then, please tell me an example of your own experience. I'm sure you have tons, but just one that you cannot forget. Before that, can you tell me how one knows whether they have psychic ability?

Jav: I don't have any direct way to see if a person is psychic, but I have read, and have come to believe that a certain line on the palm does tell whether you have some psychic ability or you don't.

Media: Psychic line on a palm? How's that? So you believe in palmistry?

Jav: No, I don't believe in palmistry. I don't think anyone can really tell what you future is from your palm, but to tell a past or current event is an open question. Now, look at your active palm, that is, if you're left handed, look at your left palm, and your right palm if you're right handed. We all have three distinct deep lines, I have no idea what they're called. However, I describe them as first, from edge of palm to anywhere between the middle finger and the index finger, people call this the love line I think. Second is from middle of wrist to the area between the index finger and the thumb, I believe people call this the life line. And the third is a shorter one that extends from somewhere in the middle of the palm, towards where the life line is between the index finger and thumb.

Media: Okay, I have all those three lines. And a few more actually.

Jav: Right. There are several other not-so-deep lines. One extends from the middle of the wrist towards the middle finger. This is called the career line. And another comes out from the career line towards the ring finger. This is very faint, but it's there, and it's called the finance line. Another line is a short one, that some people have and some don't, which is between the life line and the thumb. Now, the psychic line, which is what you want to know, is the line that starts from middle of the wrist towards the little finger.

Media: Hmm... I don't have that.

Jav: Not many do, but quite a number do have it. Like I said, from what I've read and have come to believe, the deeper this psychic line is, the stronger the psychic ability you have. Mine can be seen, but it's not deep. That explains my ability to feel spirits or energies. One of my siblings, however, has quite a deep one, which explains why that sibling more prone to feeling spirits and energies and have seen 'things' more often that I have.

Media: Interesting... so you're telling me it runs in the family?

Jav: I don't think this ability is hereditary. It comes to whoever is ready to embrace it. Or it just comes no matter who you are. I don't know. But I do know that if you already have it, it will only get stronger in time, as long as you're ready for the advancement. It will come naturally.

Media: Then why haven't you improve on it? I would surely like my ability to grow stronger.

Jav: Would you really want to see the spirit you're feeling?? Would you like to enter the toilet at some public places and see more people than there should be?? I don't. Therefore, I am not ready.

Media: Haha, I get what you mean. You say quite a few people have these lines, so they can feel spirits?

Jav: I don't really know. Perhaps their ability is more attuned to other people. I have seen psychic skills that lets a person know if someone else is sick or in trouble. Or to feel your parents needing you and when you call them up, you find that they were just thinking of you. It comes in many types. You know, everyone in this world has psychic ability, but they are not aware of it. I'm sure at least 9 out of 10 people has thought of a song, and upon turning the radio on, that song plays. Or another very good example, why is it that a phone's ringing tone at its loudest, placed somewhere beside you, does not shock you when it rings. It's because you've already received the signal that the phone is going to ring, but was not aware of it.

Media: Okay, just tell me one experience you faced that you can still remember.

Jav: This happened in 2002. It's not scary, but its an experience nonetheless. I was coming home at about 11:45pm or so, and while taking a turn somewhere 2 minutes to my house, I saw a boy in blue in the middle of the streets. He was smiling at me, I smiled back, but when I looked around, all house gates are closed and lights are switched off. I felt weird, so when I drove on, I looked at the rear view mirror and he was not there.

Media: Perhaps he was not staying there and about to go home, and have moved out of the sight of the rear view mirror when you looked.

Jav: That may be possible, but why then did the car behind me swerve to avoid nothingness? It means the driver saw the boy as well. I cannot say if the driver is psychic or not, but the car really swerves to avoid something at the middle of the street that was not there.

Media: Maybe a cat was crossing the street.

Jav: Nevermind. Think what you like, I'm just telling it like it is. So, I continued driving. Dogs are already howling seeing things, and upon reaching my house gate, it was already open. One of my siblings have already opened the door asking me to get into the house as soon as possible. Surely this is not a fluke. I saw something, felt many things, and my sibling was already aware of things out there. I guess that night had all the right environment and moisture and whatever to really turn up the spirits' existence. Anyway, the very next day, there was a man jogging at the same street. I purposely stopped the car to look in the rearview mirror and he doesn't show. But the car in which he was suppose to pass by was there. When I turned around, he is still jogging away. Okay, up to you to say that I looked too soon or too late, I'm just answering your questions.

Media: Okay, don't get mad at me! I'm just being logical. Alright, let's just say that you have this skill, how often do you feel it? How strong is it?

Jav: Not strong at all. I don't 'seek' to feel them. If they are around, and their energy is a little stronger than other spirits, yes, I can feel them and know the direction of where they are. I will know if they are coming closer or going further.

Media: That's nice to know. You should really be spooked. Oh, yes, I just remembered. Congratulations on your new baby! I love watching Kingdom Hospital. Here's my question. Did you feel anything at the hospital?

Jav: In the hospitals, even non-psychic have a chance to experience something.

Media: So you did feel something??

Jav: Yes, I did experience something slightly bizarre, but not to the extent that will give me nightmares.

Media: Can you share it with me?

Jav: Sure, but not today.

Media: Okay, I will meet up with you again. Thank you for taking some time off for this interview.

Jav. Pleasure's all mine.

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