Thursday, May 11, 2006

MLM - Revisited

As illogical that someone like me would even consider revisiting Multi-Level Marketing, I've decided to do so. Firstly, a background. I was in a MLM before back in 1998, I hated it. Full stop. These MLM seminars always have people meeting up and asking "How you doing?" and it's always on the high spectrum of "Marvelous" or "Splendid, ol' chap". Not those common "Not bad..." and it seems sooo fake. That's not the main point why I hated it. I hated it because of the way it destroys relationship. It is VERY unethical for their strategy in getting new members by approaching someone and coaxing them and coaxing them and seriously, it does affect any relationship, be it friends, relatives and such. My involvement lasted only 2 months with one downline who has one downline.

So why revisit?! A few things are driving me to revisit MLM. Firstly, I acknowledge that this is a business whereby after being hard-working say about 1-2 years, you can basically sit back and relax and money comes in. It goes the same with mamak restaurants (I know one who plays golf daily while his workers get him RM20,000 per month from the restaurant). There are only a few businesses that allows the owner to relax and earn.

So what really drives me to revisit?! What's the difference between 1998 and 2006?! In 1998, I'm a student who has money given by parents, therefore the value of money has not hit me. In 1998, I'm a student who has quite a lot of time freedom who can play games as much as I want. In 1998, I only spend about RM200 per month. In 1998, I CANNOT afford the first few months of cost that I need to take out to survive the MLM business.

Lately, a few friends are slowly getting involved in MLM, even QueenBee. It seems interesting to revisit. And so I did. There are many out there. There are some that sells ONE product, but their business comes from the constant selling of the 'fuel' to that product. This one is really not for me. There are some that has 20 products, all health related, but it does not go well with those not health-conscious people. The one I joined, I find it rather stupid, because I need to meet a quota per month to spend on, and with their product like a shampoo saying "you just need to use 20 cent size to shampoo your hair". Hello, that takes 3 years to finish a bottle and I have to buy products I don't need monthly just to meet a quota, or else I don't get commission?!

I'm happy to note that today MLM has slowly moved up from the sleazy "Hahah, you have to buy product and stock up your house with useless things!!" to a "You give us brand loyalty, we give you a business." Seems ok now, as long as the brand is really in quality. But still, the 'selling point' of skipping distributors, retailers and such is bullsh*t. It costs a lot more than what you can find in carrefour for the same product type. Of course I cannot mention the quality lah, some of these MLM products are really high in quality, but do you want to use a handsoap that cleans your hand off oil, or a handsoap that cleans your hand off oil, moisturise it, remove wrinkles, shines the fingernails, takes care of discoloured skin, etc?!?

Anyway, I have chosen a MLM to join, not out of desperation or out of choice. I do not need this, nor do I choose to have this. It's not an act of desperation, not an act of emotional motivation. It's because I'm driven for a long term goal. Why am I paying RM400 to someone who have the joy to spend time with my child(ren)?! Shouldn't that joy be mine and my wife's right? My long term goal (or I would say my Conservative Goal) is to have my wife be unemployed but earning within 3 years and I do the same within 5 years. My expected goal is 1 1/2 and 3 years respectively. Good luck to me, and good luck to you too who are new or even those who are revisiting this line of Financial Freedom.

My choice of MLM, is due to several factors. The team on top of me, up to 5 lines above are very encouraging and even invites every downliner to makan-makan. The system is very stable, and I believe it's the same for every MLM there, whereby it's no more "You must sell!!" or "You must reach quota!!" but more to "You just use our product, in replacement to ones you are using, and your downlines do the same, and the company pays you for product loyalty." Even if you don't reach the quota, there's no penalty. Thirdly, there are 200 products, and even some big companies who are partnering with this specific MLM company, therefore, if I buy a Canon Printer, I'll get something back, on top of the discount I will already get being a member.

So that's it. I will stick to my personal opinions on ethics to NOT coax anyone to join the bandwagon, but again, next time someone might just come and say "Bloody h*ll, you didn't even share with me about this!", so to avoid that, here I am giving an open invitation to anyone who wishes to know more about owning a business whereby you don't need to sell, but just need to use it as you would your normal monthly products (ie detergent, supplements, food, etc).

I will update on a quarterly basis coz' it's a norm that quite a lot of people get themselves into MLM and 90% quits. Let's see if my drive will allow me to quit.

Oh, lastly, there is a business that will begin (as my posts on entrepreneurship last time) within 2 months time. This is not MLM, this is really an entrepreneurship tryout for me, and my wife.

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Queenbee said...

I'm just testing out this MLM concept. I'm not sure I'm cut out to be the persuasive, pursue at any cost any sales lead type of person. I value my relationship with people too much to put sales above it:) We'll see how it goes. If things work out, WOOHOO!!!! If not, it's another learning chapter in my life.