Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Intelligence: Ability To Adapt

Quote of the day:
"There's no such thing as fair or unfair, there's only unfair." - Pessimist

With agents who have no decency to make appointments at least one day in advanced, and having FOUR agents saying "I'll bring my client there in two hours" and TWO agents saying "I'm on the way", I have no peace in rushing for a perfect viewing of the office buildings. Due to that, my time to blog was taken away. :(

Before I begin with the story, Blood Donation today! Ya, in my building. Hope no more blood donation scare that I had last time. Not talking about business lately as the 'search' for location is still ongoing, and the business world have been quiet except other than the CIMB (actually BCB) giving VSS and some of their security staff have been asking for a job here, as well as the amazingly ridiculous HSBC advert on tv showing a dude half-squatting watching another dude putting his hands in and out of his pocket. It actually looks more like the dude is watching his butt. Anyway, that's another story.

It's interesting to watch the way my son develops intelligence according to cause-and-effect. After pulling propping himself up holding to something, and later falling down backwards hitting his head on the floor and crying a few times, he adapted by letting go of his footing before he falls, so that he falls sitting instead of falling backwards. And then, while falling in sitting position holding the side of the crib, and always hitting his forehead at the crib, he nows pushes himself away first before falling to a sitting position. That's quick. Never knew intelligence start at a very young age.

Lately, there's a "test the waters" intelligence too. That is, before propping himself up holding something, he ensures that the 'something' can really hold his weight before really standing up. So, he ends up putting some of his weight on the 'something' and then pushing the 'something' to see if it's stable, and when all is right, only then will he stand up. I wonder what other things he'll learn by himself within the next one month. Short post today. :D

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