Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Day 1
It's not that I don't have the looks. I think I look presentable enough, but I just don't earn enough to really keep my girlfriend happy. I know a lot of people asked me to find another suitable girl, but I love her and I really do think she loves me. I don't blame her for her expensive taste. It is just her lifestyle, not her attitude. I should be very happy that she eventually chosed to accept me into her life after two years of friendship.

Two weeks back, she told me that at times when I'm busy at night with my second job, she just had to find some social friends. Now she have been going out with one guy in particular quite often. Him, I have no worries about. He has exactly what I don't have... money and time, but he don't have the looks. Still, she is happy to go out with him, nothing romantic, it's purely a mutual social friendship. He buys her a lot of stuff, and though she forcefully told him not to, she still keeps them. She told me not to worry, I'm in her heart. She only takes whatever he gives sincerely, and she does not flirt with him at all. I still have her. I'm happy.

Day 2
I'm not happy, and this is not funny! How the hell can she fall for him? Why did she do this, calling me up late last night just to tell me that she may be falling for him?! And now she's cancelling our dinner tonight, saying that she wants to go out with a girlfriend who just dropped into town just for a day. When I asked her if she's lying and going out with him instead, she told me 'No!'... but I know better.

Thank you, sweetheart. Thank you so much for doing this to me. Why didn't you just tell me from the start that my lack of money can cause all this?! Anyway, it's dinner time now. I've sent a nice bouquet of flowers and a nice heart shaped chocolate cake I baked myself in the afternoon. Hope you enjoy them. Hope you enjoy him and be happy with him. I'm not for you. Happy Valentine's Day.

....Shatter of glass. A thud. People screaming.....

Day 3
It's murder! Someone pushed my boyfriend out his apartment! Police is saying it might be suicide but I know him well enough. He loves me, and I love him so so much. God I miss him! I should have just invited him along to see Maggie, but she was too inconsolable, having just divorced her husband, stopping by KL on the way back to her hometown. Peter called me this morning saying that he feels as if he's interfering with my life. He said he adores me, and tried to 'buy my heart' with money, but he feels that he cannot buy love and has stepped back. I really thought he looked at me like a sister, the way he treats me is no different from how my brother does. Such a fool I am for not realising.

Don't worry, honey. No one can take us apart. We'll be together again tonight. I'll use the same 'door' that you were forced into. I don't care about the murderer, all I want is you. Wait for me.

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