Friday, November 30, 2007

Business Integrity

It is usually around this time that I get tons of calls for hotel packages. Let's see, since two to three weeks ago, I got a call from Nikko Hotel, Buffet Club, some-kind of Getaway Package, Westin Hotel and another two or so. They really seriously exchange contact numbers amongst themselves which is why the full salvo hit me.

My cousin is very much against me 'layan'-ing them, but I tell him that "It is my rightful duty to ensure that I help spruce up their image and business by noticing any faults in their tele-sales person." It other words, if I have time and I get somewhat disgusted by their introduction, then I'll really layan.

I've written about this before, just to repeat. I dislike the following; i) asking for my full name and then introducing themselves and then introducing the packages WITHOUT even bothering to ask if I have some time. ii) Talk about the benefits and kept going "Isn't that great!", "You save a total of RM50, wow!" and other weird fake-excited remarks. iii) Ending the introduction with "So, what would you like on your card." Wat-deff??! I didn't even say nothin' and they already wanna take my money.

Anyway, if they're friendly enough I say I'm not interested, however this one guy just takes the cake.

Him: bla bla bla.... but sir, just for today only, and today only, I'm throwing in 3 bonus vouchers for you which are bla bla bla...... what would you like to appear on your card?
Me: (I ALWAYS do this to tele-sales person). Can you fax what you have introduced to me to 03-#########? I need to check my recorded conversation with you against the fax for any discrepancies.
Him: Okay, I will call you again tomorrow, sir.

Him: Have you received my fax?
Me: Sorry, I'm too busy to read it. Can you call Friday instead?
Him: Okay, sir.

Him: bla bla... so what do you think?
Me: They are interesting, but since I'm not getting the bonus vouchers anymore, this is not worth it already.
Him: Sir, you will be getting the bonus vouchers. Since I made the phone call to you on Wednesday (he got the day wrong!), the voucher still stands because it's related to you.
Me: But you called me on Tuesday and said that it's the last day. Means there was still bonus vouchers on Wednesday?
Him: No sir, I meant Tuesday. Wednesday no more already. (Stupid lame lie to cover up his own ass.)
Me: My friend just signed up yesterday, how come he said he's getting the bonus vouchers you mentioned? Means it's part of the package already isn't it?
Him: Mmm... I think he has another higher ranked agent who can extend the bonus.
Me: Nevermind then. I cannot do business with a company that has a very questionable integrity. Thank you.
Him: It's really an interesting package, sir. Maybe it's not the time yet for you, I'll call you again in a few months time. (What-deff?! Looks like the company don't have a comeback answer for what I said. He totally ignored my statement.)

Though I was in marketing for property, at least I never go around saying "If you sign up today, you get bla bla bla" crap, coz' when I do say that, it stands. The very next week the rates changed and too bad. There are always white lies in sales, but having made statements like that, it really disgusts me.

I'm waiting for the next phone call after another agent also said "If you sign up today only, you're getting a bonus supplementary card." The thing is, when you ask for them to fax and say you're gonna discuss it with wife, lawyer, etc, it automatically makes them have to call the next day, and that statement risks them.

Evil? I don't think so. I'm training them to be more honest in their white lies. Haha... ya right.


eLLe said...

I hate tele-marketers too. You actually take the pain to layan them.

I on the other hand, and I'm rather ashamed to admit this, am usually abrupt and sometimes downright rude. I just tell them I'm not interested by cutting them off. I sometimes don't even let them finish their introduction.

And I really, really hate it when they call you up and call you by your name as if you're buddies. And you would rack your brains trying to remember who is on the line, only to find out it's one of the annoying tele-marketers.

I need to be nicer in the future but God knows they do try my patience.

queenbee said...

I know they're just doing their job, but I just usually cut off and say I'm not interested. Saves them time that could be used to call another potential customer, and me to do whatever I like. I hate it when they take for granted about sending cards or free something to you, then tagging at the end whether you would like to buy a product... Sheessshhh, can't they just give something for free and save the cross selling effort for another day?