Friday, June 09, 2006

Amuk (Part #2)


Encik Daud, a father of two children, an adult son of 22 and a teenage girl of 17 years was watching the "Top 20 Fifa Greatest World Cup Moments" with his wife and daughter when the doorbell to his apartment rang. From the peephole, he can see a pizza delivery guy. "Sigh... Pizza again. That boy never asks us what we want, instead always ordered straight away to his likings."

The moment he opened the door, he was pushed back. A trick! Three men came in, it seems that the pizza guy has also put on his mask. If only En Daud can remember how he looked like earlier, but he only remembered the pizza company cap. His son, who just came out from the kitchen after his dinner was not spared. Confronted by two knife wielding men and one gun-armed man, he followed their demands.

As they were being tied up with tapes over their mouth, two of the robbers looked cheekily at each other and looked back at his daughter. Fear! What are they planning to do!? The one with the gun ordered the one to ransack rooms while the other stand watch, while he himself pulled the girl into one room. Then there was a click indicating the door was locked. "They are going to rape my daughter!"

Anger! The ropes, though tied well behind his back, left some space for the wrist to breath. Muffled shouts heard! More anger! And at last berserk! The ropes cut into his flesh as he pulled at them. He can feel as it he's tearing his arms away from the wrist, but there's no pain. There's only vengeance! He can feel finger bones breaking, but he went on.

Free! He lunges at the one standing guard. The robber had absolutely no time to react, the only thing he felt was his hands being knocked and then two, no, three stabs into his chest. En Daud had no reaction, he didn't even realised he just took someone's life. His aim is now at the door. The other robber came out, saw what has happened, and fled for the main door.... and he escaped. En Daud threw himself at the door, but his subconscious defense mechanism didn't allow full strength without hurting himself with the knife to his body.

He threw the knife down. Again, screamed to the top of his lungs, and threw himself at the door again. The door gave way, it swung open, and then... gunshot! There was no pain, he looked about the room, saw his daughter's shredded clothes, saw the gun man kneeling near the bed. Berserk went up another degree. He jumped, and then another gun shot, and again there was no pain. Now the gun man is under him, and he used the only lethal weapon an unarmed person, the strongest muscle in his body. He bit hard, chewed hard on the gun man's face, cheeks, neck,... tore off some skin, he hears screaming, and yet he continued shredding at the skins with all the strength of a berserked man. Noticing his daughter's flower vase on the floor nearby, he grabbed it, smashed it against the face of the gun man, it didnt break. He continued hitting until all was quiet.

He picked himself up, looking down at his body to see where the bullet punctured. No blood, save the robbers. Not even a scratch, perhaps the robber in his panicked state aimed very badly. He looked at his daughter, now he sees blood. The first gun shot was straight into his daughter's head, the gun man was tearing at her clothes putting the gun to her head to stop her from fighting back, and when the door burst opened, the shock triggered the gun. En Daud slumped, cried, screamed, crawled to his daughter, held her close and cried.

Minutes later, his wife and son was freed from their binds.

Berserk saved his daugther from rape, but did not save her from death. In his own words, "I still say this is fated. It's better than she died than to live her life in emotional torment. My wife thinks otherwise, that is better to still have her around than not having her at all anymore. What is done is done, the berserk was a natural reaction to fear and anger, to someone we love."

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