Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I'm writing in after I've collated a lot of stories and advices on control. While there are many issues on Control (ie. controlling of project, career, children, own life, etc), I'll write more on the control of life and things that affect life.

An auntie told me that when you have an employee working for you, you set the first basic rules and limitations, and then you internally put a control over it, by constant monitoring, etc. The moment it goes out of control such as the employee coming to work late, on that day itself you set it straight to tell the employee that he/she's late for 5 minutes. If you don't, within two months, he'll be half an hour late. This is a normal human nature taking its course. Not really the employee to be blamed if productivity of the company goes down, but the one who's supposed to be in control, who's not controlling the situation.

In life, it is the same. Things come to you which you don't want. To reject, you might be too kind-hearted to hurt someone. To accept means to tolerate. If you cannot tolerate, then you'd really have to reject. While it might be confusing, what I wrote can be applied to life in general and even work. There is no sense in living in hurt and depression with the so limited time we have in our life. I'm already looking at "waiting for monthly salary" as a total waste of 30 days of your life. So, in this kind of situation, whenever something that you do not want comes into your life, you take control, and either reject, or put a control over it if you have to accept it. Tolerate with control. The moment it gets out of control, and you don't take any action, it will engulf you.

As stupid as an example I put here, think of Dr Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. He has no choice but to accept it, therefore he tolerated it and do his best to control it.

Aww... I am called to work. Haha... okay, laterz.

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