Saturday, May 12, 2007

God Lends To Us

This is the first time Azman have gotten the courage to break into a house. It was dinnertime. When he smashed the door down and brandished his parang to the shocked family, he never expected what he saw.

Yes, he expected the woman to scream, only to force herself to be quiet to save her 12 years old daughter and 9 years old son. She moved them away from the dinner table, to huddle in the corner crying softly looking at Azman. What Azman don't understand is why the man, after being shocked by the sound, looked at him, continued eating his dinner as if he's not there.

"Why aren't you scared?"

"Why should I be?"

"I'm going to rob you, and most probably threaten your life and that of your family until you give me every cent you have."

"Everything that I have, my money, my car, my house, my television, even my wife and my children, they are lent to me during my lifetime. Everything I own and love, even myself, belongs to God. Certainly you have come, ordered by God to take back His possessions. If it is so, take what you were asked to take back."

With that, Azman took what he was asked to take, without knowing it... the advice that began to change his life for the better, and he left the house.

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