Saturday, July 16, 2005

AMY: My Personal Social Escort

This post is not meant for minors, so, AdamPeterPan, please read other posts. :P Kidding. Anyway, what made me write this is because I'm trying to be evilly judgemental on what I saw. A 55++ years old white dude was taking photographs with a 25-- girl at KLCC. The only thing is that when they do touch, it's more of a passionate touch than romantic touch. It's easy to mistaken (or maybe it's true) to be social escort. The over-weight dude wearing pants and un-tucked short-sleeve shirt, while the girl dresses well in black. So, let's take this extreme and elaborate further.

My name is Frank. I'm 58, in years, not in length. I come from New York. Due to my successes in business since ten years back, I only need to work three to six days a month. The other days are quite laid back as my business is stable, and I only need to monitor by business monthly for financial report and strategic discussion with my business team. Though I earn a whole damn lot, I only spend less that $50,000 per month. I found joy in exploring the world since 7 years ago, but it got stale after three years. Then a new chapter of my life began.

What I'd like to do is travel around the globe at the beginning of every month, alone, for about a week. My wife doesn't like traveling and my children are still schooling, so it becomes a bore to travel alone. That's when I decided to explore social escort services; however, my friends said that it's best to pick one up than going through services, knowing that they're in it totally for the money. This was 4 years ago.

That suited me just fine. The next trip was to Malaysia, where I've been to quite a number of times on business trips. I've known of this club in KL where single ladies like to hang out, and I decided to check out the place. It was easy enough getting some of them to come up to me and have a chat. They wanted some company, and I wanted some company, a simple match made in a pub. That's where I met Amy. Amy is Korean, stopped by in KL visiting friends she said, however, her friends did not join in that night. I asked her what she does for a living, and she said she just finished school and is only 19!! She was hoping to get into advertising or broadcasting in Malaysia. Knowing Asian (other than Japan) market, I joked with her that instead of earning a paltry MYR3000 per month, she might as well work at MYR2000 (about $600) per day. That lit up her eyes, and she asked the nature of the job. I told her not to be pissed with me, but it seems that being a freelance escort can earn between MYR1500 up to MYR5000 per day. I told her that some escorts have a strict rule of not sleeping with the client, but those are the ones that charges lower.

She paused a moment, and surprisingly asked me if I'd like to have an escort. To accompany me on my holidays. However, she wanted me to see her as Amy, not as an escort. She asked of my family, which I told her that none of our conversation should ever head in that direction. I asked her the price she wanted to charge, and she said MYR1000 per day, with the agreement that I pay for her shopping as well. That's a measly $260 per day; I could afford three of her in a month at that time! Now I can afford six of her! One requirement was that there would be no hanky panky.

We left for Langkawi the next day. I came to learn that she is from a rich family, being spoilt financially during the younger years. Now her father wants her to be independent. Being spoilt, it was difficult for her to have to start earning, and at $600 per month in Asia, is one heck of a difference than the $1000 she used to spend on her father's money during her studying years. So she was glad enough that I came into the picture. What astounded me is that she asked permission to shop for things than just picking up clothes and demands me to pay. I guessed she was just new in this.

Our first day was awkward. We stayed in the same room, but slept on different beds. We had meals together, but there was a lacking in conversation. I guessed our 30+ years difference of age contributed to differences in conversation topics. Things were not going well, so I decided to joke around more, than having meaningful conversation. That's when I started to poke her sides, made fun of her, and at first she found that very funny and weird, but soon enough was returning hits and punches.

By the third night, "no hanky panky" was practically out the window. We shared the same bed, cuddled to sleep after some activities that generally happen behind closed doors. I don't find it necessary to mention what happened in detailed. The rest of the holidays, when we were back in KL, were purely fun and lust. That's when I started noticing people giving us the looks. 'Sugar daddy', some would mutter to themselves. 'Bloody rich white men stealing our Asian girls', others would mutter. Some would call Amy a slut. But we were both adults and we are definitely not hurting them in any way, why then should we bother.

Coming home to New York after that experience was surprisingly awkward. I find myself missing her touches, but not her company. My family did not suspect anything amiss, and therefore I headed to Korea the following month. Spent another week with Amy and headed home. This went on for four months before Amy told me that she has started seeing some other men as well.

At first, I was very jealous and angry. I asked her to be my mistress, up the cost to $15000 per month, but she said she does not want to be bounded by rules or demands. It's either I lose her, or accept her. While I could easily find another like her, I find myself preferring to stay with one young body than to explore a few. I accepted her activities, and she reserved a week every month for me for as long as I still wanted her.

Sharing her was difficult at first. Knowing that some other men have touched her really turned me off. I've heard of swinging and wife swapping but coming from quite a traditional family, I am not comfortable with that at all. Two years later, at 21 she was already earning anywhere between $8000 to $15,000 a month in Asia, also having had one client paying her up to $3000 per day for two weeks. She kept herself low, only approaching clients subtly, or by references or contacts. She could make up to $20,000 to $50,000 per month if she was to work in Europe, but she prefers to always go home to Korea. Due to that, she mostly only meets clients in Korea, or other nearby Asian countries.

When she turned 22, she already has her own house and car, bought her parents a new home, and own several houses around Asia. A good girl with brains. If you look at it one-way, of course. Looking it another way, society will equate her no different than prostitutes at the roadside. She told me she has had over 50 different clients in three years, where she chose her clients strictly. Each of them must be businessmen, married (safety reasons I supposed), and not one who looks to test different girls everyday. She has had her clients bringing her to tour the whole world, and she has only three returning clients including me. I have tried to explore other girls as well, but stopped at my eighth exploration, as I can't find anyone as accommodating as Amy.

Today is the fourth year anniversary with her. I'm typing this as she's sleeping. We came back to Malaysia to celebrate. The scuba diving during the evening was very tiring. She still does not want to be my mistress, and I don't think she should. She is like an ice cream, when I need her I come look for her and is always obliging. When I don't need her, I won't hear from her. When she has outgrown my interest, I guess then I will look for a new one. Last I heard, her beautiful cousin who just turned 19 is begging her to tell the secrets of her wealth. Hmm... maybe she will learn Amy's talent and accommodating character.


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Anonymous said...

Looking at what you have written just shows that you ain't made it in real life but rather trying to pretend that you are a rich, successful dude... being lame is one but you sure takes the cake for being an ass.

Anonymous said...

Looking at what you have written just shows that you ain't made it in real life but rather trying to pretend that you are a rich, successful dude... being lame is one but you sure takes the cake for being an ass.